‘Sex and the City’: Was It Good for You?

Critical response to the big-screen Sex and the City has been as drastically varied as the many bed mates of the four ladies whose lives the HBO series followed for six nookie-filled seasons.

The hometown New York Times turns a cold shoulder to Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda’s collective worth, saying the movie is “2 hours and 22 turgid minutes…awash in materialism and narcissism.”

Perhaps being slighted with sloppy seconds after London was chosen for the movie’s world premiere soured the Big Apple on Sex.

Further criticism came from fans of the franchise, who were disappointed by shoddy technical glitches that distracted from the story at hand.

But some SATC apologists argue that conflicting rumors about whether or not the film would even be made repeatedly raised and dashed hopes, leaving viewers jaded and critical of the project even before it hit the cineplex.

And many devotees feel the movie delivered the story, characters and fashions they had been craving during the past four years while the show was off the air.

Now there’s nothing left for the City kitties to do but sit and wait as their box office returns roll in.