Al Reynolds Gets in Touch with Himself

Someone should really give Al Reynolds a hand. Because it seems that both of his are occupied.

This revealing photo of Star Jones’ estranged ex-husband has been making the rounds on the Internet. Fashion Websites had initially reported the shot was for an Under Armour underwear ad featuring “the company’s first non-sports star to endorse a 30-piece line for summer 2008.”

That’s apparently not the case, according to the New York Post. “Al Reynolds is not a spokesperson for Under Armour, nor is there any business relationship of any kind between the Under Armour brand and Al Reynolds,” Tai Foster, a rep for the company, emphatically declared.

Seriously, Al, WTF? The rubbing-your-own-shoulder thing, that’s kind of understandable. Four years with Star would make anybody tense.

But what are you doing with the other hand? Checking for lumps? Adjusting a frontal wedgie? Crabs…is it crabs?

Reynolds’ rep, Howard Bragman, would only say, “Don’t try to make a shirtless picture something it’s not—that’s my comment.”

Fine, then someone should really explain what it is.

As long as you’re pitching a tell-all interview, Al, you might as well add the mystery of this post to your list of revelations.

Because the way things are looking, if this isn’t an underwear ad, the only logical explanation is it’s an ad for another career move—as a Craigslist “escort.”

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