Brad and Maddox’s Day at the Races

Vroom! Bike boy Brad Pitt brought along six-year-old Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt as he took in the world’s top motorcycle racing championships, the Moto GP, in Mugello, Italy.

But this was no daddy-day-care sitch. Brad was ever the doting papa, putting Mad on his shoulders so he could see, giving him both earplugs and headphones, always ensuring he wasn’t too crowded by grown-ups.

Maddox is one of those unflappable kids, always in shades with his emotions in check. Guess even at his tender age, he’s pretty much seen it all. But Brad never left his boy’s side, even while going down into the pit to chat up seven-time winner Valentino Rossi. (See Brad and Mad in action in this video clip.)

Say what you will about those show-biz types, this guy has movies, architecture, global do-gooding and soon-to-be six kids, and he still has time for one-on-ones? You rock, man…or then again, maybe your packin’ partner’s got you towing the line.