Brad Pitt Has Designs on Dubai

He’s not an architect, he just plays one in real life. Brad Pitt, a devotee of building styles and blueprints, will be showing his love by aiding in the design of an 800-room, five-star Dubai resort that utilizes sustainable energies and green principles.

“Acting is my career, architecture is my passion,” Pitt, 44, said in a statement.

Though he left college for show biz just before graduation, Angie’s man used to sketch his surroundings in a journal he took everywhere. Pitt grew close with the legendary Frank Gehry after he commissioned him to design housing for the massive wine collection he and Jennifer Aniston shared. Pitt once described meeting the master as “about as much fun as I’d had.” He went on to do an apprenticeship at Gehry’s L.A.-based studio.

In on the new project is Graft, an architecture firm that has been involved in Pitt’s rebuilding of New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward through his Make It Right Foundation.

“Selecting this development as my first major construction project has been a simple decision,” Pitt said. “It will underpin not only my values for environmentally friendly architecture but embrace my career in entertainment.”

Just make sure you’re home for dinner at 6 with Angie and the soon-to-be six-pack.