Jessica Simpson Won’t Let Tony Romo Get Away

Jessica Simpson and hostage boyfriend Tony Romo kept very close on a recent departure via the San Diego Airport. The two were spotted heading toward security with passports in hand, hinting that they had an international excursion planned.

Jessica and Tony, rumored to be on the rocks, looked very much the lovey-dovey couple, giving each other playful kissy taps as they attended to their curbside check-in.

Recent chatter has indicated the romance between the lovebirds has been compromised by serious interfering from Jessica’s manager and father, Joe Simpson.

Joe supposedly begged Tony to accompany his eldest daughter to li’l sis’ Ashlee’s wedding, and he obliged. Is it possible Papa Joe’s reach doesn’t extend beyond the borders of the United States?

If so, Jess should consider expatriation if she wants a chance to be in a successful relationship.