Keira Knightley Sings

Keira Knightley stepped out of her comfort zone recently, singing onstage for her upcoming film The Edge of Love.

Written by Keira’s mother, Sharman Macdonald, the film focuses on a specific incident in the life of poet Dylan Thomas. In the film, Knightley plays the poet’s friend Vera Phillips.

In a scene perhaps inspired by some lingering mother-daughter conflict, Keira was required to croon “Blue Tahitian Moon” in front of more than 100 extras.

The Atonement star told People magazine, “I’ve never been so frightened in my entire life.”

To prepare for the ordeal, the 23-year-old Brit said she took vocal lessons, because she “can’t sing.”

For what it’s worth, she doesn’t sound too bad. The red lipstick’s a nice touch.

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Hey, it could happen.