Kelsey Grammer Has Heart Attack

Star magazine reports that Kelsey Grammer suffered a heart attack while in Hawaii.

The 53-year-old iconic star of Frasier and Cheers experienced a “mild heart attack” on May 31, his rep Stan Rosenfeld confirmed to the tab.

The event took place while the actor and executive producer was enjoying a swim at a Kona beach. An unnamed local revealed, “Kelsey’s heart stopped for a few seconds, that’s for sure.”

Grammer was taken to the Kona Community hospital for treatment, after which he was moved via helicopter to a hospital in Honolulu, the source added.

Rosenfeld told Star, “Kelsey is doing fine now, and he will be going home tomorrow.” His new series, Fox’s Back to You, just got the ax…though it’s safe to assume wife Camille is glad she heard those words.