Ohhhh, Lindsay Lohan Has Breathing Problems

When Lindsay Lohan was spotted at Century City Hospital with Samantha Ronson on May 29, her representation quelled the queries by saying the two were “visiting a sick friend.”

Now, it turns out that’s not so. Lindsay momager Dina tore right through the rep’s tissue of lies, saying the real story was Lohan had an asthma attack. Thanks, Ma, we’re sure Lindsay’s glad you cleared that up.

“She was losing oxygen. She couldn’t breathe,” Mama Lo elaborated while at an event for Project Cuddle. “She was afraid to go the hospital because [the paparazzi] were gonna write about it. She was sick…It’s really sad.”

What’s sad is the mother of the year was at an event called Project Cuddle. More like Project Fetch Mommy Another Drinkie-Poo.

Lindsay does seem to be having some sort of medical issue lately. On a flight from New York to Los Angeles the same night as the hospital visit, she requested a “warm compress” for some chest pain. Hey, do enough partying, and your heart’s gonna skip a few beats once in a while.

Judging by her appearance looking healthy, hearty and stripperish at last night’s MTV Movie Awards, LiLo’s fine now. That mother-daughter dynamic might have taken a ding, though.