Robert Downey Jr.’s Hugh Hefner Impersonation

At the MTV Movie Awards, Brett Ratner very confidently revealed the actor in mind to star in the Hugh Hefner biopic that he’s looking to get off the ground. The X-Men: The Last Stand director said of Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr., “That’s who I really want!”

However, with no script in place, talk is cheap.

According to Ratner, the movie will focus on the 20 years between 1955 and 1975. “It’s about Hugh Hefner, but it’s really the creation of the magazine.”

Thankfully, this means that any scenes of Robert Downey Jr. ambling about with dentures clicking lazily in his mouth, whilst fumbling in the pocket of his old man housecoat for his Levitra or Viagra or whatever, will be avoided altogether.