Amy Winehouse Goes to Court

Crack cocaine spokeswoman Amy Winehouse covered up some of her tattoos with a demure (for her) dress and arrived to support her husband Blake Fielder-Civil at a hearing yesterday at Snaresbrook Crown Court in London. Fielder-Civil is currently incarcerated and awaiting trial on charges of assault and witness tampering. It’s a love story like no other!

Amy sat for two hours in the front row and blew kisses at her hubby, who was seated behind a glass partition. According to E! Online, Amy was seen patting the empty seat beside her and mouthing to her man, “Come here and sit next to me.” Tease!

She also had a lawyer pass a handwritten note to Blake of which the contents are unknown, and she waved a brooch with Blake’s name on it that she usually wears in her hair. But how the hell did she find it if that’s where she’s been keeping it?

She exited the courtoom at 4 p.m., yelling, “I love you, you’re fit,” as she passed by his cage. Outside the courthouse, reporters asked Winehouse how Blake looked. “Gorgeous as f*ck—you seen him before?” was her cheeky response.

Winehouse has managed to keep busy while she waits for her imprisoned love. She’s been seen sporting hickeys and making out with that other famous drug casualty Pete Doherty. But it’s not all fun and games. They made a movie…so it’s a business relationship

Sorry, Blake. You’re in the pokey, and crack allegiances can be so fickle.