Angie Assistant Impostor Leaks Lies

The recent confusion over Angelina Jolie’s delivery date (did she or didn’t she already?) was caused by a longtime impersonator of Jolie’s assistant Holly Goline, and ET Online was left holding the bag.

Reportedly, a letter is circulating on the behalf of Angie’s attorneys at Lavely & Singer, claiming that an individual has been posing as her assistant by using a fake BlackBerry email address and has most likely being doing so for almost a year. The missive states:

“A random individual has engaged in a scheme to intentionally harm my client and deceive her fans, the public and the media through illegal and tortuous impersonation of Ms Jolie’s longtime assistant, Holly.

“The individual who claims to be, and to whom the media has relied upon as, a ‘reliable source’ is not my client’s assistant, nor does the email address belong to my client’s assistant.”

Sadly, this faux-assistant has destroyed the credibility of the otherwise always reliable moniker of “inside source.”

Gossipmongers everywhere have lowered the rumor flag to half-mast as a result.