Charlie Sheen and Future Ex-Wife’s Honeymoon Lounge

Newlyweds Charlie Sheen, 42, and Brooke Mueller, 30, are honeymooning in Costa Rica after their small wedding ceremony last Friday night.

Word is they’re right where Charlie proposed to Brooke in July 2006 with a $500,000 ring, but as a bonus, they’re a world away from Charlie’s ferocious ex Denise Richards.

Brooke is wearing Denise’s allegedly cut off child support on her finger, and Denise is not gonna take it lying down. She’s packing a camera crew now.

Sheen and Mueller are socked away in a private villa at the Four Seasons Papagayo, which features high ceilings, marble bathrooms, a fully stocked fridge and a butler they can recruit to hold the camera whilst they record their lovemaking.

While away, they plan on doing pretty much nothing. “Last time, Brooke did the zip line through the jungle tour, but I think this time they are going to take it easy,” an insider told E! Online. “They are so in love and just want to spend time with each other.”

Being married to Charlie? Think “zip line through the jungle tour” totally sums it up.

Watch your backs, you two.