Eva and Tony Pregnant?

Granted, it’s really not much to go on, but when the petite Desperate Housewives star displays so much as an ounce of weight gain, tongues get to wagging.

Relative newlyweds Tony Parker and Eva Longoria Parker were all smiles on the red carpet for the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards. Wifey might be sporting a belly that is ever so slightly expanded beyond standard Hollywood issue. Keep in mind, these are essentially millimeters being discussed here.

Fitness-conscious Eva has a history of blaming any noticeable weight gain on her love of food. The pint-size actress claims to People magazine that during this past writers’ strike she gained about 10 pounds from “cooking and eating, cooking and eating.”

When quizzed by the New York Daily News about a pregnancy, Eva’s publicist replied, “We do not comment about clients’ personal [lives].”

Fair enough.

Someone call her fake assistant and see if more salient, albeit untrue, details can be unearthed.