Jonas Bros. Feel the Burn

Is a Starbucks sponsorhip on the horizon? With just one quote, the Jonas Brothers must have java-purveying suits the world over reassessing their advertising budgets.

“I have an energy drink when I wake up,” Nick Jonas tells Teen magazine, “and a coffee when I eat breakfast…a coffee at dinner and an energy drink right before I go onstage. Then I’m good.”

And that’s just the youngest member of the group. Big bros Joe and Kevin are surely coffee connoisseurs as well—and mark our marketing dollars, that won’t escape the beverage biggies.

Hey, with tours behind them opening for both Miley Cyrus and Avril Lavigne, both a Disney movie and TV series on the horizon and a new CD in the works, the guys need some help to keep going and going and going. Energizer Bunnies they ain’t.

Might as well get your boost and lay the foundation for a whole new influx of cash.