Kim Kardashian’s New Movie Not What You Think

No, Disaster Movie isn’t the ill-conceived sequel to Kim Kardashian’s infamous sex tape.

Rather, it’s one of those gag movies where they make fun of some specific genre of film. This time, apparently, action movies are being targeted for zingers and biting social satire. And yes, Carmen Electra stars in the film. Apparently, so does Kim.

Little-known fact: Kardashian’s butt gets its own line in the credits.

In any case, this pic is from Kim herself. She says her scene with Carmen has them spoofing female wrestlers from the WWE, gushing, “We had to learn choreographed fight scenes in a real boxing ring, and then we were tasked with freestyle fighting.

“It was so thrilling! We really went at it!…I’m so glad our hard work paid off because we had been in dance rehearsal for two days!!! The main characters in the scene are Matt Lanter, Gary “G Thang” Johnson, Vanessa Minnillo and me!

“It comes out Labor Day weekend! I am sooo excited!”

Yay! Exclamation points denote good times!

Photo source: Kim Kardashian’s Official Website