Lindsay Gay for Pay?

With her father already offering OK! magazine with his self-promotional blogging skills, the English tabloid is now offering Lindsay Lohan a million bucks as incentive to “come out” on its cover and spill the deets on her not so undercover lesbian relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson.

An “inside source” reveals what many cynics probably already suspected: “Lindsay really wants this to happen, and she needs the money.”

However, Lindsay’s rep claims the freckle-faces star has “passed” on any offers.

A rep for OK! would say only, “We don’t comment on future editorial.”

Keep in mind that denials of LiLo and Sam’s sexual relationship keep coming in from Lindsay, Samantha and the Lohan family.

Hmmm, will logic and/or decorum prevent Michael Lohan from crafting a response to this oh so convenient turn of events?

And speaking of hypocrites, Tila “Sometimes Bisexual and Usually When Cameras Are Rolling” Tequila gave Lindsay her two tainted cents on the matter when the two crossed paths at the MTV Movie Awards, telling Us  the BFFs should “just go all out with it! If you’re going to do something, do it all out.”

That translates to, make out with as many people of as many genders as you can, as long as MTV will pick up the tab.