Nick Hogan Restores Integrity to the Justice System

It’s been said a million times, but it bears repeating: Nick Hogan is one class act.

Young Nick (né Nick Bollea), scion of gentlemanly wrestler Hulk Hogan, is currently sitting in Florida’s Pinellas County Jail, serving an eight-month sentence for a street-racing crash that left his pal John Graziano in a vegetative state.

But according to Hogan (or his lawyers, at least), Graziano’s condition is his own fault.

A response to the Graziano family’s lawsuit against Nick obtained by argues that “John Graziano was the adult in the vehicle on the day of the accident” and, as such, “did nothing to supervise Nick Bollea.”

Wait, there’s more: “Graziano practically lived at the Bollea house. John Graziano knew Nick Bollea well…If there was any risk associated with riding as a passenger, John Graziano knew of the risk and assumed the risk when he chose to be a passenger.”

In other words, anyone who would befriend Nick gets what he deserves? Perhaps there is some twisted wisdom to that.

But let’s get back to the real victim in all of this: Nick Hogan.

In yet another paper filed by the 17-year-old’s mouthpieces, authorities at his current digs were asked to either release him into house arrest or move him to the jail’s minimum-security section, according to Access Hollywood. Apparently, being segregated is causing Nick “unbearable anxiety.”

That motion, anyway, was denied by a judge today.

But look at it this way, Nick: All that alone time will allow you to come up with plenty more lame excuses for why you’re not responsible for your own actions.

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