Sienna Miller Single: Goes Grease Free

Apparently, Sienna Miller isn’t into clingy types.

The frequently naked G.I. Joe actress has broken up with boyfriend Rhys Ifans, British newspaper The Sun is reporting.

The cause of the split? Welsh rocker-turned-actor Ifans apparently flipped out because he thought that Sienna had rekindled her romance with former beau Matthew Rhys.

Miller had reportedly been seeing her ex frequently in recent months during visits to Los Angeles. She insisted that the two were “just friends,” but Ifans was unswayed.

Things apparently reached the breaking point when Miller caught Ifans going through her text messages.

“She went bananas and Rhys said he was looking for what he called ‘incriminating evidence,’ ” says a Sun source.

Now Ifans is “heartbroken,” according to the source. “Sienna feels really sorry for him because he had slotted into her family perfectly, but she couldn’t cope with his jealous behavior.”

The dumping comes after Sienna gushed about the stability of their relationship during an interview with Elle. Pooh-poohing breakup rumors, Miller cooed that Ifans “makes me smile like a fool” and that she’s “so happy with [their] relationship as it is.”

Of course, she probably suspected that Ifans had tapped her phone and was listening in on the conversation.