Simpsons Cast Members: “Woo-hoo!”

Dan Castellaneta—who made “D’oh!” one of America’s most enduring catchphrases as the voice of Homer Simpson—is likely changing his tune to “Dough!” today.

Following months-long negotiations that have delayed production for the latest season, the cast members of The Simpsons have struck a deal with 20th Century Fox that raises their top salaries to $400,000 per episode, up from the $300,000 per ep they’d previously been receiving, according to E! Online. (But less than the $500,000 per ep that the cast had reportedly sought.)

While the deal means that production for the next season—the series’ 20th—will begin today, there are some loose ends to tie up.

Due to a last-minute mixup, Harry Shearer—who voices, among others, Montgomery Burns and Ned Flanders—was not among his mates in sealing the deal. It’s uncertain whether he’ll be joining the cast at today’s table read.

But really, doesn’t Mr. Burns have enough money already?

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