Abigail Breslin Is a Little Sickie

Talk about a precocious child.

Little Miss Sunshine breakthrough Abigail Breslin may only be 12 and just embarking on her entertainment career, but she already has a neurosis worthy of the most seasoned show-biz wreck, reports the New York Post.

“I’m a hypochondriac,” the pint-size thespian has reportedly admitted. “I’m not allowed to watch medical TV shows. [Once] I was worried that I was going to step on glass, so I wore shoes even in my bed…I thought I had bird flu, so for a long time I wouldn’t go near any birds.”

The up-and-comer went on to reveal that, while filming Nim’s Island in Australia, she was afraid she would be bitten by a poisonous spider, so “my best friend on the set was the medic.”

Just wait a few years, Abs, you’ll have plenty of things to really be sick of. Like the studio system. And the tabloid speculation. And the adulation.

Oh, wait, no actor has ever gotten sick of the adulation.