God Tries to Halt ‘Hannah Montana’ Movie Production

Not even the forces of nature can interrupt Miley Cyrus’ inevitable march to world domination.

Extras on the Greenbrier, Tennessee, set of Hannah Montana: The Movie received a scare yesterday when a gust of wind caused a projector screen to blow into a Ferris wheel full of extras, E! Online reports.

Luckily, the incident resulted in only a few minor injuries, though the Hannah-maniacs in attendance no doubt felt a spike in their pulse rate. “When the wind caught [the screen], all the cables were loose. It started [flying],” recalls extra Brenda Blackford. “I was watching to see which corner was gonna hit the Ferris wheel, because it was unavoidable.”

Neither Miley nor her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, were on the set at the time of the incident. According to TMZ.com, the tween titan had just wrapped a scene on a stage next to the endangered amusement ride.

Narrowly averted tragedy or advance review? Even though it’s not even finished yet, it seems like something is trying to tell the world this movie blows.

Still, sneak a pre-accident peek at Miley on the set in her Hannah trailer: