Gwyneth Paltrow Might “Force” a Third Pregnancy

Gwyneth Paltrow sat down with Harper’s Bazaar to talk about her life.

She has homes in Long Island and London, two summer films (Iron Man and Two Lovers), Madonna as a workout pal, and she isn’t planning on working for the next six months.

Will she use her downtime to get knocked up?

“I may force myself to do it one more time,” she says, “because the result is so worth it.”

If you feel that you have to “force” yourself, maybe you should pause before embarking on bringing another life into the world, Gwynie.

You might bear some lingering resentment through the years. Plus, does this include making your husband climb aboard you at gunpoint?

The wife of Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, Paltrow spoke about the couple’s notorious reticence at being photographed together.

“My husband and I have never gone to an event together ever since the beginning of time, but for some reason they decided recently that it meant we were breaking up.”

No one thought you two were breaking up. They just thought you were taking yourselves way too seriously!