John Mayer Stopped in His Tracks

John Mayer was pulled over right outside the TMZ offices on Sunset Boulevard yesterday in Los Angeles. The singer-songwriter-jokester was cited by a police officer for not having front or rear license plates. Because you don’t need those when you’re out for a drive, do you?

The emo rocker gave a heartfelt mea culpa and signed autographs while the coppers wrote him up and vowed “to make amends.”

Maybe the first make-good is the swapping out of his Speed Racer-esque girlmobile for this slightly rootsier Land Rover ride. See what happens when you downsize your glamour!

“Above the Law” Mayer has recently been squiring Friends multimillionaire Jennifer Aniston all over the place. Guess finding someone to use so you’re finally invited to an A-list cookout at Courteney Cox’s Malibu home can make a dude forget he’s still subject to motor vehicle regulations.