K-Fed Named Father of the Year—Twice!

In your face, Alec Baldwin!

The Privé nightclub in Las Vegas has announced it will hail Kevin Federline as Father of the Year on June 13, during a party that K-Fed is expected to host. What a coincidence.

But lest anyone think this paternal recognition is some kind of ironic joke, Federline was also anointed father of the year by Details magazine in November.

Don’t act surprised. After all, Kev hasn’t gone nuts and shaved his own head, unlike some people. And of his four kids, he’s managed not to inadvertently kill any of them.

Clearly, this man is Saint Dad, pop on fire.

Skip the tie and cologne this Father’s Day. If you really want to hook up your dad this year, give him a framed portrait of Kevin flipping off the camera, with the caption, “I Own Your Ass, Loser!”

Dad will totally appreciate that you gave him something to aspire to.