Puffy Gets Huffy over Sound-Alike Company

Apparently not content to sit around and count his estimated $680 million net worth, Sean Combs is seeking legal recourse against a family-owned, Internet-based company that sells…wait for it…cuff links.

TMZ reports that Diddy’s mouthpieces shot a letter to the owner of cuff-daddy.com, insisting that the business name sounds too similar to Puff Daddy.

Which is pretty ironic. Not so much because Combs disavowed the “Puff Daddy” moniker several years ago. Well, maybe a little because of that. But mostly because he made his name by basically releasing karaoke versions of other peoples’ hits.

Apparently, he’s had a change of heart on the whole matter of sound-alikes since then.

According to the owner of Cuff-Daddy, the Website will carry a disclaimer in the future, stating that the company isn’t associated with the rapper.

Which really shouldn’t be necessary, unless they change the company’s name to megalomaniacal-tyrant.com.

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