So, Three Celebrities Walk into a Kabbalah Center…

Who says show business is full of godless, hedonistic types?

Madonna, director husband Guy Ritchie and Gwyneth Paltrow (who seems to be Madge’s BFF lately) were spotted ducking into the Kabbalah Center in London on Monday night, no doubt for an evening of soul-enriching reflection and smug superiority.

The spiritual seekers were quite the well-dressed trio. Guy looked dashing in a pinstripe suit, while the missus augmented her red-string bracelet with a skull-and-crossbones wrist accessory. If that seems an odd choice to attend a place of worship, at least it drew attention away from the vial of squirrel’s blood she was presumably wearing around her neck.

Not to be outdone, Paltrow was her usual radiant self—and by radiant, we of course mean so blindingly pale passing motorists were flashing their high beams in annoyance.

Have fun, gang! Say hello to Xenu!

Oh, wait, wrong trendy celebrity religion…