Tom Cruise Saving Katie from Big Apple Temptations

Tom Cruise will be accompanying wife Katie Holmes to New York City when she makes her Broadway debut in Arthur Miller’s All My Sons, according to a Broadway producer.

Did anyone really think Tom would let his robot wife travel 3,000 miles away for an extended stay? The brainwashing drugs might wear off! She could develop free will!

Producer Eric Falkenstein states that “[Katie] and Tom are committed to keeping the family together, so they have to get an apartment here [in New York],” according to the New York Post.

Katie’s 16-week engagement begins in mid-October. Six days a week, she’ll play the role of Ann Deever in the World War II-era drama.

Falkenstein observed that Katie is “a natural sweetheart who can sniff out phonies …” Sniff out phonies? Take a big whiff of your life, Katie!

This is Katie’s first foray onto the boards of Broadway, but she appears to be fitting right in.

Holmes “took notes” and “asked questions” at her first table read and “[she] loves being around theater people,” Falkenstein stated. “She came here to a bare rehearsal room for a read- through. She didn’t ask for anything. She was just sweet and deferential.”

Tom and Katie recently threw a star-studded housewarming bash with 500 guests at their new 35 million dollar mansion in Los Angeles. So they aren’t even taking the time to enjoy their new crib.

No word on whether Tom will make any pricey real estate purchases in the big city, or if they’ll just rent a humble Xenu-approved flat.

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