Tori’s Mom: The Rich Get Richer

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…unless you’re Candy Spelling and you’ve just beaten the house for the second time and walked away with $180,000.

TMZ reports mommie dearest was on the $1,000-a-pull slot machines at the Bellagio Hotel when she rang up the triple cherries or quadruple quackers or whatever signifies a whopping win.

Of course, “whopping” is all relative. To Aaron Spelling’s widow—who was left $500-plus million while poor little rich kids Tori and Randy Spelling got the figurative finger with a paltry $800,000—this is manicure money. Probably more than her spawn used to get for weekly allowance when they were in good favor with the folks.

Still, to us regular Joes, it’s some serious change. To really irk you, she did the exact same thing last year at the exact same casino! And to pour some salt in that gape, apparently she also won a car at a charity auction on the heels of her first score.

And little old Tori is forced to sling hot dogs, dole out the soft-serve and beg to go back to the role that launched her.

Remember back when multihyphenate Jennifer Lopez’s mom, Guadalupe, took an Atlantic City casino for $2.4 million…on a $3 bet?

There is simply no justice.