David Archuleta Can’t Go ‘Back Home’

David Archuleta’s famously overbearing dad (whose controlling antics eventually got him banned from American Idol rehearsals) is again getting no love from Idol honchos.

A summer concert in his Utah town that Jeff Archuleta had organized for his son, called Back Home with David Archuleta, has been placed on hold by 19 Entertainment, management company for the about-to-kick-off cross-country Idol express tour.

Admission for David’s solo gig was priced at $1, with the majority of the proceeds earmarked for charity, but organizers of the national Idol tour were still concerned that their sales would suffer.

A source dished to Page Six, “They were afraid people wouldn’t buy tickets for the Idol tour if they had already seen David onstage in Salt Lake.”

However, all was not lost for Jeff Archuleta. The stage pop told the Salt Lake Tribune of the cancellation, “They’re just going to reschedule the event for a later time.”

Win some, lose some. The fact that his boy just landed a record deal probably helps lessen the sting.