‘ET’ Knew Angie Delivery Story Was Fake?

“Hey, look! The sky is falling. Just kidding.”

In the wake of the Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt pregnancy confusion, Entertainment Tonight is being scrutinized for getting the gossip world whipped into a frenzy by running with a report that the A-list actress had given birth, despite the fact that producers knew it was false information. Insiders are claiming the entertainment-news outlet was repeatedly told the “informant” was an impostor.

Initially, ET claimed to have had no knowledge that the leak was a hoax, releasing a statement that said they were “actively investigating the matter and are reaching out to law enforcement agencies.”

However, documents provided to the Associated Press indicate that an email exchange between Jolie’s real assistant, Holly Goline, showed producers were aware the information was faulty.

Reportedly, a missive was sent from producer Sharlette Hambrick, asking Goline about the now infamous BlackBerry address: “Are you saying this is now not your email address? That you did not send me these emails?” To this, Goline replied, “This is not my email.”

Sounds like a case of truthiness gone awry. But it would be an unabashed lie to think that the ride wasn’t an enjoyable one.