Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson Brown-Bag It

Paper or plastic? Lindsay Lohan and that woman she’s using to keep us buzzing about whether she’s AC or DC, Samantha Ronson, hit the Mayfair Market on Tuesday night for some after-dark—or afterglow—grocery shopping.

Come to think of it, Lindsay hasn’t looked this happy (or this fresh-faced) in quite a while. Maybe there IS some truth to the rumors! Later that evening, Socialite Life says, the two were seen holding hands by the pool at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel. Go, DJ Sammy!

LiLo appears to have fully recovered from “not being able to breathe” on May 29, when a reported (by mouthy momager Dina) asthma attack sent her and Ronson to seek help at Century City Hospital. Lindsay’s rep initially said she was “visiting a sick friend.” Hmmm.

Everything seems A-okay, now. Just another coupla straight gals shopping for cat food and organic granola together!