Pussycat Dolls Use Britney to Pay the Bills

Nicole Scherzinger almost revealed all her Pussycat Dolls business on Hollywood Boulevard during a video shoot for her group’s upcoming single “When I Grow Up.”

In addition to their trademark skin-baring antics, the Dolls are drawing attention with a strategically placed Britney Spears cameo.

The recovering pop princess made her way to Warner Bros. studio lot on Wednesday to shoot her bit in the vid, a spy revealed to Us Weekly. “In the scene, Britney is driving in a car.” The snitch added, “They all wave at each other as they are passing in traffic—that is it.”

Uh-oh, those Dolls are so daring. Putting Britney behind the wheel of a car is pretty risky. Then again, maybe it’s genius, ’cause it’s sure gonna get them some headlines.

Everything turned out okay, but one wrong text message to Britney, and Nicole could have found herself the lead singer of Eden’s Crushed.