50 Cent Gives Val Kilmer a Ride

When not defending himself against insinuations that he had his house burned down so his ex couldn’t live there, 50 Cent is actually prone to generosity, In Touch Weekly reports.

The multimillionaire hip-hopper is working on the film Streets of Fire with notoriously difficult actor Val Kilmer and gifted him with a vintage 1965 Chevy Impala. And this ride is ready for streets of fire—it’s worth $100,000!

The two are starring as post-Hurricane Katrina cops, and during filming in New Orleans, they talked about their shared passion for classic cars. Lo and behold, Fiddy—real name Curtis Jackson—showed up with the keys to one of his own prized autos.

“Val was shocked,” a source tells the mag. “50 is an amazing guy and incredibly generous.”

Not quite as spit-shined a move as Fiddy’s newest act of grace, but a classy move indeed.

Showing off classic cars seems to be the current trend in Hollywood. Why, just the other day, John Mayer was spotted gassing up his own flashy Matchbox car.

The New Orleans cop movie also stars China’s favorite actress Sharon Stone. No word on whether or not he bought her a vehicle to cart around all her animal prints.