Idol David’s Cookin’ with Kimberly Caldwell

Cookie has a girlfriend, Cookie has a girlfriend. Looks like the romance between reigning American Idol David Cook and season-two contestant Kimberly Caldwell is heating up.

The two were spotted trying to lay low at a Los Angeles Dodgers-Colorado Rockies game, where Kimberly was to sing the National Anthem. The two sat in chichi box seats and partook of Wolfgang Puck cuisine, Us magazine reports.

“Kimberly was definitely nervous about the public appearance!” a source tells the mag. “They were really cute and sweet together, laughing and having a lot fun.”

The cougar magnet has had a thing for Kimmy ever since he saw her talking about him on TV Guide’s Idol preshows, and he even asked her out on camera. And the rest, as they say, is tabloid history.

Some flack must have really earned his keep, as the couple managed to keep their faces off the stadium’s Jumbotron. Enjoy that privacy now, kids, ’cause as David’s star rises, so will the heat on you both.

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