Jessica Comes on Over to CMA Music Festival

The pop singer turned country singer Jessica Simpson hit the stage at the CMA Music Festival Block party in Nashville, but she wasn’t yet ready to put her new country single to the test.

Although she didn’t perform “Come on Over,” Simpson will be at the festival all this weekend, so make sure to check back Monday for all the details and lots of pics.

In addition, the buxom blonde is set to sing on The View June 25. So far, Jess seems to be getting a purty positive response to her down-home tune.

Keith Kaufman, program director for a country radio station in Nashville told Us, “This is as good as any Carrie Underwood song.” We’re not so sure

As for her grass roots credibility, it doesn’t hurt that Jessica’s currently dating a cowboy. At least, until Joe Simpson finishes destroying what’s left of that relationship with Tony Romo.


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