John Mayer’s Moment of Clarity

Has crooning heartthrob and surrealist blogger John Mayer finally come to his senses regarding his relationship with Jennifer Aniston?

The singer was spotted doing his own version of a shameful perp walk in West Hollywood yesterday, holding a backpack in front of his face to avoid the cameras.

The shy-guy pose was in stark contrast to Mayer’s recent outings with Aniston, when he actually seemed happy to be seen.

This time, he probably didn’t want the paps to see him crying, after he came to the realization that he’s entangled with a needy cling-on and that he has unwittingly signed on for being in regular contact with David Arquette.

Maybe his new buddy Pete Wentz talked some sense into him. If anyone’s likely to have developed a keen understanding of the downside of relationships recently, it’s Pete. 

Just make sure you pull the backpack away from your face when you inevitably peel out in your wicked-hot sportscar in a mad dash to get away from Los Angeles and your lamentable relationship choice, John.

We don’t want to have to be posting about any tragic accidents. As hard as it may be to grasp at the moment, there are some things worse than dating Jen Aniston.

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