Lindsay Lohan Bathroom Sex? It Must Be Friday

Landon Brown might have crapped out on the MTV reality show Rock the Cradle, but the 22-year-old heir to the Bobby Brown legacy (such as it is) claims to have scored with Lindsay Lohan in a somewhat uncomfortable place—the bathroom at a private party, according to British newspaper the Sun.

In a move sure to eek out just a few more seconds on his 15 minutes of fame, the wannabe singer tells the paper—which, for reasons unknown, identifies him as Brandon Brown—”We were just staring at each other. and she walked by. I walked into the bathroom. and she followed me in…Me and Lindsay got really, really close. We basically got together.”

Brown goes on to state his further intentions with the recovering actress: “I’m actually trying to get back in touch with her—really soon.”

Check the crapper, Landon. You’ll probably find your career in there, too.