Paris Hilton’s BFF Goes VIP

Say what you will about her, Paris Hilton knows how to milk a photo op. The celebutante, socialite and sex tape star is on the cusp of another reality show, this one to find her a Nicole Richie substitute so she can recapture her girlfriend glory days.

Paris Hilton’s My New Best Friend is exactly what it sounds like.

Twenty contestants compete to prove they are up to the flashbulbs, fakery and finery of Young Hollywood, and the blond one herself picks the applicant she has the best “chemistry” with.

Think A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, just without the sex. Then again, maybe she will get randy for the good of the show. You just know Paris is giving like that.

Last night, Hilton gave a potential BFF a shot with a one-on-one dinner at Citrus, which sits inside boîte of the hour Social Hollywood. How’d the wannabe fare under the X-ray gaze of the paparazzi?

Well, the babe is smiling for the cameras…seems she still hasn’t learned lesson number one.

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