Pete Wentz Turned 29, and No One Knew

Pete Wentz Turned 29, and No One Knew-photo

Go, Petey! Go, Petey! It's your birthday, it's your birthday!

Actually, Fall Out Boy bassist and Ashlee Simpson hubby Pete Wentz's 29th annum was yesterday, June 5. And if you noticed a distinct lack of fanfare marking the majestic occasion, that's just the way he wants it, according to E! Online.

"The truth is, I hate my birthday," Wentz admits. "I don't like it at all. It's because I'm really bad at receiving presents, so I get really nervous around my birthday, and I really don't want people to give me presents."

Wow, dude's emo to the core. If you were thinking of getting him something despite his objection, make it a hankie. Preferably a black one.

Of course, a guy who has everything, including a budding bromance with super-dreamy crooner John Mayer, really doesn't need gifts anyway.

It's just a shame that he has deprived papa Joe Simpson of party photos to peddle.



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  • omgitsme

    aww. he's such a cutie.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    That's 29 swats on the tush for you, young man!

  • rockinout


  • mcdreamyisme

    He turned 29? I think he's gonna be a really strange looking old man... especially around his mouth.

  • rforrumor

    what more can u expect from a rocker

  • flirtyfabulous

    Who hates their birthday?

  • hwoodgrrl

    someone should ship him a lifetime supply of black eyeliner for him and ash to share