Video: Mary-Kate Olsen Goes Down

Teensy Mary-Kate Olsen tripped through a throng of paparazzi while leaving the Foxtail Lounge in Los Angeles. Chances are Mary-Kate can’t remember what night this was.

The gajillionairess stumbled backward, her behind almost hitting the pavement, causing a frenzy among the onlooking photogs, who hungrily snapped up the shots leaped to break the lady’s fall.

One concerned onlooker can be heard rejoicing, “Yes, I got that shit.”

The real star of this clip, though, is one of Mary-Kate’s saucy handlers, who tells the overly zealous paps, “Don’t you fucking touch me.”

He sounds like the same voice that begs M.K., “Please, get it together,” when she appears unable to steady herself. Perhaps the tiny twin must have had one too many thimblefuls of alcohol?

That or someone breathed on the poor thing, and the gust of air sent her flying.