Brody Jenner Spares Some Grease for his ‘Ex’

Whoa, didn’t anybody tell Brody “Grody” Jenner that he isn’t dating Cora Skinner anymore?

Seemingly not, judging from the way he was slathering the lingerie model with suntan lotion on the beach in Maui yesterday.

In April, People reported that the pair had split, and that Bruce Jenner’s kid was at the NBA Entertainment League season wrap party in Los Angeles getting cozy with a blondie who was decidedly not golden-haired Cora Skinner.

According to an eyewitness: “He held her hand on the carpet. They were cute, and she was definitely his date for the day.”

On top of the confusion, Brody’s mother, Linda Thompson, along for their sun-drenched playdate, brings a creep factor into the proceedings. Is it possible for Brody to mentally block out his mother’s bikini-clad presence while he oils up Cora?

This has to be the freakiest lotion-related display since this one. And that was mind-blowingly freaky.

So, what’s up with this action—are they secretly back together?

Is Brody just a concerned ex, ensuring his onetime girl doesn’t get skin cancer?

Or maybe his upcoming reality series, Bromance, needed a story arc that included partial nudity and a liberal application of lubricant. Ah, therein lies the rub.