Photo Erotics: Jake Gyllenhaal Tops Gay Wish List

The gay and proud Website after has published its Hot 100 for 2008 list of homosexual-friendly male celebrities.

Chosen from the worlds of film, popular music, sports and daytime television, this massive collection of heart-melting manliness embodies several traits that endear them to the rainbow coalition.

Firstly, the selected stars are sexually secure and have happily worked to spread positive portrayals of gay life.

It’s probably no surprise that all of the 100 decidedly unhomophobic men singled out by After Elton are borderline superhumanly hot.

There’s just no getting around that hotness.

There’s also no getting around the fact that so many of the honorees are also straight.

Discerning folks are invited to click through the gallery of 10 of the Hot 100 to the right.

Straight or otherwise, these gays have great taste in men.