Audrina and Lauren Keep their Distance

Last season’s finale for The Hills hinted that the chasm between best buds Audrina Patridge and Lauren Conrad had widened to such an extent that there was no bridging it.

The strain on their friendship coincided suspiciously with the arrival of Lauren’s childhood friend, Lauren “Lo” Bosworth.

Since then, Audrina and her roomie have begun showing up separately to the same events—Lauren always quite tellingly with Lo and Audrina, well, not even in the same photo frame.

Most recently, the two Laurens hit up the opening of swank Orange County bowling alley Strike while Patridge was also on the premises. But the brunette didn’t mingle much with her blond onetime BFF.

L.C. pooh-poohs any rumors of a feud, telling People, “There’s a little bit of tension, but we’ll work it out.”

According to Audrina, “You can still be friends but just not be together all the time.”

However, with what-does-she-see-in-him Justin Bobby back in the picture, interpersonal relations could take a turn toward the dark side for Patridge.

If that guy would just summon up some ambition, he could fashion Audrina into a dark-haired Heidi Montag.

Why not? She has already invested in the boobs.