Ashley Tisdale Denies HIV Rumor

A rep for Ashley Tisdale denies Internet rumors that the High School Musical star contracted HIV as a result of her nose job last year.

Tisdale rep Scott Appel says that Internet reports and an alleged statement from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center are “completely untrue,” according to People.

A Website posted the falsified statement from Cedars-Sinai on Thursday. “Ashley and her family are trying to come to terms with this horrible development. They only ask that you pray for Ashley’s health,” the statement reportedly said.

“We did not release any statement regarding Ashley Tisdale,” Cedars-Sinai spokesperson Simi Singer told Us magazine.

The Tisdale health hoax sent some of her fans to YouTube to post videos urging other fans to “pray for Ashley.”

Tisdale portrays uppity rich bitch Sharpay Evans in Disney’s galactically popular High School Musical film series. Tisdale, 22, is currently filming the third and final installment in Utah.

Tisdale had rhinoplasty surgery last year for a deviated septum, and spoke about it to People. She said that rhinoplasty “is scary and hurts. People take it so lightly, especially in Hollywood.”

She couldn’t have had any idea then just how painful a practical joke at the expense of her nose would be.