Hollywood Takes to the Carpet for TV Land

The TV Land Awards converged on Hollywood and brought together past and present television greats like the original Sex and the City babes, also known as the Golden Girls gang.

Don’t forget that before Carrie Bradshaw flitted through the streets of New York City in tiny, frilly party dresses and stilettos, Dorothy Zbornak trudged around Miami in sequined tunic and skirt ensembles in sensible shoes.

In addition, Roseanne Barr and various castmates from long-running series Roseanne were also in attendance, as well as TV legend Dick Van Dyke. Stars of current series, like Desperate Housewives actress Teri Hatcher and Vanessa Williams from Ugly Betty mixed and mingled with TV stars of days gone by.

The presenters were also a lively bunch, with Love Guru costar Justin Timberlake and Mike Myers taking the stage. The pop star turned actor presented the SNL alum with his award and was interrupted with a shouts of adoration from a male admirer in the crowd. Without missing a beat, J.T. shouted back, “That’s okay. Nothing wrong with a little bromance.”

It’s all fun and games until someone delivers a dick-in-a-box to his doorstep.

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