Madonna Sexes Pharrell in ‘Hard Candy’ Video Show

Every family has that slutty older aunt who still wears miniskirts way past her prime, dances embarrasingly at family gatherings and totally tries to pick up the bag boy when she goes to the supermarket.

Add $100 million or so, a fake British accent and a red-string Kabbalah bracelet, and that older aunt is Madonna

Madge, who’s closing in quick on 50, seems to be using her latest album, Hard Candy, as an opportunity to establish herself as some kind of super-cougar. First she got all hot and bothered with 27-year-old Justin Timberlake in her “4 Minutes” video.

Now the seemingly vampiric warbler has enlisted Pharrell Williams—who’s 14 years younger than her—to sex her up for Hard Candy’s second video, “Give It 2 Me,” reports the Daily Mail.

Clad in thigh-high PVC boots, skimpy underwear and a sheer top, Madge raunches it up in the video, spreading her legs like she was trying to keep them from fighting with each other.

Careful, Madonna; you might throw out your hip doing that!

According to Madonna, when she and Williams first started working on the recording, Williams “was giving me a hard time…I was taken aback the way he was talking to me.

“‘We went upstairs and I said, ‘You can’t talk to me like that,’ and burst into tears,” she explains.

Well, that only seems fair. Anyone who watches the video is apt to cry too—unless they enjoy Burlesque Night at the local senior center.