Rhys Ifans Loses Sienna, Gains Tough-Guy 'Tude

Nearly a week after their breakup, it's still a mystery as to why in the world Sienna Miller would kick Rhys Ifans to the curb mere weeks after she spilled the sassy secrets of their romantic success to U.K. Elle.

First came news that Ifans had snooped in Miller's text messages looking for "incriminating evidence" prior to their split. Now, according to British newspaper the Sun, Rhys has gone on a bender and is threatening to deliver a thumping to Matthew Rhys, Miller's costar in The Edge of Love and Sienna's once and, Ifans suspects, now current lover.

"He's spent the week in the pub texting Sienna—begging her to change her mind," says a source close to the ditched actor. "His hurt has turned to anger, and he has said that he will sort Matthew out when he sees him—he's raging."

The insider adds that Ifans has told Miller he'll "punch [Rhys'] lights out" if he finds out she was cheating with him and that he plans to "ruin her big night at the [Edge of Love] premiere" with a public showdown.

Way to be really scary chivalrous, Rhys! Women really respect that approach. Just ask this guy.



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  • hispanicatthedisco

    He should get together with Uma Thurman's stalker, they could have a grand old time together.

  • buzzbuddy

    Sienna and Mario Lopez are both newly single. REBOUND!!

  • mynameisearl

    man that sucks if she was cheating on him during their time together... especially since she said all that to the magazine.

  • gossipguy

    can you say clingy? how pathetic

  • pictureperfect

    Why is Sienna settling for men like him? She could get a wickedly gorgeous man all to herself. She should come to Italia ;)

  • rforrumor

    craaazy boy... i wouldn't put it past him to do something extreme out of rage or jealousy

  • mcdreamyisme

    they're both rhys... can it BE any more confusing