Shear Shots: The Top 10 Bald Celebrity Hotties

Being a chrome dome doesn't have nearly the stigma that it used to in Hollywood.

In fact, thanks to a handful of particularly sexy celebrity skinheads, going cue ball has become trendy—even among those who don't choose the Yul Brynner look out of necessity.

In honor of Mena Suvari's bald-faced confessions yesterday, the countdown gallery on the right serves up 10 of the most scintillating scalps in show biz.



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  • bruce

    Shave it all off and be free.


    Be an out and proud baldie!

  • hwoodgrrl

    Britney Spears>everyone

  • xoxojaniepie

    The Bald and the Beautiful

  • lisatee

    we do make up half the population...

  • neverneverland

    does anyone else find it strange that half the people on the list are gals?


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