The Jonas Brothers Play…Pictionary

How do ever-pure Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas, known collectively as the Jonas Brothers pass their downtime, since we now know they don’t scope the babes?

Why, they play Pictionary! And now The Nokia Green Room, a British TV show sponsored by (you guessed it) Nokia, lets you peek in on the action. And it’s some captivating stuff, don’t you know?

The show kicked off in April, under the premise that guests are filmed with hidden cameras while they hang out in (you guessed it again) the green room. The musical bros show us that their drawing skills leave a bit to be desired. And as entertaining as they might be onstage, watching them play the classic game is about as enthralling as watching paint dry.

Maybe things would be more spicy if they truly didn’t know they were being filmed. That’s when priceless nuggets like this little ditty have a chance to be captured on video.

Now, that’s entertainment.