Uma Thurman’s Stalker Seen in NYC

The man sentenced to three years of probation for stalking Kill Bill star Uma Thurman was spotted by reporters sitting in a Manhattan park, just across the street from the Manhattan Criminal Court that tried him.

Former mental patient Jack Jordon seemed unaware that the six-foot-tall actress is in Europe filming a movie.

Questions shouted by reporters didn’t seem to have any effect upon the repeat offender. He calmly enjoyed his cigarette and quietly walked off.

Jordan isn’t banned from visiting New York, but his Maryland-based probation does require that he request permission when leaving the state.

Spokesman for the New York Department of Probation Jack Ryan told the New York Daily News, “We suspect that he did not fully understand that he needed permission in order to travel out of state.”

New York police are unlikely to arrest Jordan, but they are empowered to direct him to leave the state.

A police source summed up Jordan’s prognosis to the News: “He is flatout crazy, and once he goes off his meds—and he will—he’ll be right back stalking her.”

Wait a minute? Isn’t he engaged?

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